Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Rain

We woke up Sunday morning to a loud thunderstorm and pouring rain. The bedroom was dark and the bed was snuggly and warm. There's nothing like that feeling of security and warmth when you're tucked into bed and the world is crashing down outside. Rain was so not what I had planned for Sunday morning, though. I had flowers and herbs to plant, I needed to weed our flower beds, and we needed to repair a window frame. But, boy was I happy to see that rain. It was like a hall pass for the adults. As soon as I realized my morning chores were being washed out by rain, I almost jumped for joy. Then I realized it was much smarter to stay in my nice, warm bed. Just the thought of free time and potentially more sleep was exhilarating. That's what happens when you live with a tiny terror who relentlessly wakes you up at odd hours.

We put Hadley in bed with us and snoozed, snuggled, and watched cartoons until the rain slowed down. Then, Sean made pancakes. Lots and lots of paper-thin, crepe-like pancakes. The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy, too. It rained off and on with the sun coming out just long enough to taunt us. We managed to venture out for a family lunch and to run a few errands, but with all of that yucky weather, we spent most of the weekend holed up inside. We watched old movies, spent lots of time playing on the floor with Hadley, and generally just lazed about. Oh, and I might have taken some pictures of Hadley for fun. She loved it, though. She always does.


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