Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day? Psych!

You thought we had snow today, too? Yeah, not so much. These snow pictures are from a few weeks ago, and they turned out so pretty that I had to share. This was Brynn's first snow and she was entirely unsure of what to think. We sat her in the snow for just long enough for her to realize she wanted nothing to do with it. Hadley, on the other hand, LOVED the snow. She and Sean had a blast running, playing, and throwing snowballs for our dog, Bella.

Don't hate us for missing Snowpacalypse. We'll be braving an ice storm in April if our weather is at all consistent. For all of my friends braving the ice and snow this week, stay warm!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well Hello There-- and Happy Birthday to Me!!

I know, I know-- it's only been like a month and a half, right? Sorry about that. It seems that once a couple of weeks pass between posts, I just can't think of a segue-way back in. Then, I procrastinate posting because I hate the whole "I haven't posted in so long intros." Annnnd, that's exactly how I opened this post. Love it!

Anyway, once I post again, I find that I have sooo much to tell you guys and I get overloaded with post ideas. That seems to be the case now, too. Here are a few things on my mind-- all of which I will post soon:

* We just transitioned Hadley to her "BIG GIRL" bed after Christmas and I just have to show you guys how cute it is. And tell you about how awesome she did with the transition.

* And then there's the potty training. That's a whole other post.

* My Brynn is growing up so fast! I have to update you on how big she's getting and all the fun, new things she is doing. Right now, she is hitting Hadley on the head with a rubber sword. I'm not stopping her because I consider it payback for all the times Hadley has bopped Brynn on the head. I'm just keeping things even.

* And, of course, I must update you guys on a few fun things we're doing around the house.

All of this assumes that one of my three readers is still actually checking my blog for posts-- it might just be me on here:-). And on that note, It's My Birthday!! I'm 21, by the way. Send booze!

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