Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well Hello There-- and Happy Birthday to Me!!

I know, I know-- it's only been like a month and a half, right? Sorry about that. It seems that once a couple of weeks pass between posts, I just can't think of a segue-way back in. Then, I procrastinate posting because I hate the whole "I haven't posted in so long intros." Annnnd, that's exactly how I opened this post. Love it!

Anyway, once I post again, I find that I have sooo much to tell you guys and I get overloaded with post ideas. That seems to be the case now, too. Here are a few things on my mind-- all of which I will post soon:

* We just transitioned Hadley to her "BIG GIRL" bed after Christmas and I just have to show you guys how cute it is. And tell you about how awesome she did with the transition.

* And then there's the potty training. That's a whole other post.

* My Brynn is growing up so fast! I have to update you on how big she's getting and all the fun, new things she is doing. Right now, she is hitting Hadley on the head with a rubber sword. I'm not stopping her because I consider it payback for all the times Hadley has bopped Brynn on the head. I'm just keeping things even.

* And, of course, I must update you guys on a few fun things we're doing around the house.

All of this assumes that one of my three readers is still actually checking my blog for posts-- it might just be me on here:-). And on that note, It's My Birthday!! I'm 21, by the way. Send booze!


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday, Keri! Your booze is being sent to you separately :)

It sounds like you have a lot to talk about...can't wait to hear about all of these fun things! I've missed your posts :)

Keri said...

Thanks Cassie! I know, I've missed posting, too. More to come, I promise!!

Sara-kraut said...

Please post! I miss talking to you and enjoy being envious of your stay-at-home mom adventures..

Keri said...

Is this my Sara Z (maiden name)??? I just posted! Finally:-). It's been a little crazy around here!

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