Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bedtime Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sean put Hadley to bed last night and when I stopped in to see how they were doing, he advised me that he was telling Hadley a "Star Wars" bedtime story. He then proceeded with his tale of Luke Skywalker's quest to find Obi Wan Kanobi with his friends, C-3P0 and R2D2. Sean even had voices for each character in the story.

This may sound like an odd choice for a bedtime story for an infant and for a girl no less, but I love that Sean is introducing Hadley to something he loves. Have I mentioned that he's a computer-nerd engineer? Well, he is and besides loving computers, tech gadgets, and sci fi books, he has always loved the Star Wars movies. It's truly heartwarming to see Sean interacting with our tiny baby, especially when they are engrossed in a game or story. And Hadley eats it up. She is a daddy's girl already and is never happier than when Daddy is home and playing a new game with her.

And when they get to laughing together, there is no better sound in the world.


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