Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Hysteria

So, apparently, there may be a case or two of swine flu in our area. In fact, the child who may be sick lives and attends school in a neighboring town that we visit often. The hysteria among my friends is palpable. Just watching the news or surfing Facebook is enough to make me never want to leave our house again. But, we are trying not to be alarmed, as suggested, right now. We are, however, going to limit our outings with Sweet Pea as much as possible.

I'm trying to think of fun things we can do in the house or in the general vicinity that will keep both Hadley and I occupied-- and most importantly, that will keep me from going stir-crazy. So far, I've got nothing. We usually go to the park and library, for neighborhood walks, to lunch with friends, and to a playgroup to occupy some time, but I'm going to try to cut out the playgroup and library for the time being. That doesn't leave a whole lot for us to do. I'll keep you posted on my sanity!


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