Monday, April 13, 2009

Lou Lou, My Love

Apparently, Kartell released a scaled down, child-sized version of the iconic Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair, called Lou Lou, in 2008. How I missed this until reading Elle Decor this month, I have no idea. I imagine it might have something to do with the pint-sized terror who has taken over my house since last September, but that's just a guess. (Hadley isn't really a terror, by the way, except when she is tired. And then, look out!)

If you aren't familiar with the Louis Ghost Chair, let's just say it's nice- really, really nice. Louis is a polycarbonate riff on the classic Louis XV armchair, and the mix of classic style and modern material is almost shocking. Lou Lou made Elle Decor's list of the Ten Cutest Children's Chairs with the editors commenting that children would love that it is see-through while design-savvy parents will appreciate the style. But, most importantly here, Lou Lou comes in pink.

Lou Lou in pink
Photo from Elle Decor

Left, Lou Lou Ghost Chair, and Right, Louis Ghost Chair
Photo from

I may be in love-- and maybe a little obsessed, too. I may have even gasped the first time I saw Lou Lou. I have always loved Louis, who is sitting regally in my living room right now. This might explain why I absolutely adore his kid sister. Or, it could just be that Lou Lou comes in pink. That would do it, too.

I would love nothing more than to incorporate a pink Lou Lou into Hadley's "big girl" room in a couple of years. In fact, I may design the room around the chair. I am hoping that Hadley appreciates modern design as much as I do. What better way to introduce her to modern design than with her own baby Ghost Chair?


Jennifer Cash said...

YES! that chair is awesome! haha, I GASPED TOO!

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