Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Definition of a neat-nick: Somebody that is obsessive about cleanliness. Source: the Urban Dictionary.

For all you English majors out there, yes, I just cited to the Urban Dictionary. Because I can.

Have I mentioned that I am a bit of a clean freak? I might have forgotten to mention that in my attempt not to scare off the two of you who are reading this. But, I am going to come clean (pun intended) and lay all my cards on the table. I am such a neat freak. I don't like clutter, I don't like dust, I don't like dirty dishes in the sink, I don't even like for the mail to sit on the kitchen counter for more than ten minutes after we bring it in the house. I know. It's a bad, bad thing, but I'm cursed with it.

Lately, with the Sweet Pea on the move, my house and specifically, my living room, is less and less neat and more and more about the toys. The TOYS! They are everywhere. When Hadley is playing, she manages to scatter toys for miles. I find them under furniture, in adjoining rooms, and sometimes in her clothes.

And the toys you see in the above picture are only a tiny fraction of the TOYS that are lurking in just about every nook and cranny of our house. For some reason, I keep picking them up like that is going to help. I organize them and store them in cute wicker baskets, put them in neat driftwood bowls that are sitting on my modern coffee table, and even hide them in the drawers of my mid-century credenza. But, they just keep reappearing on my living room floor. It's like they come to life at night and organize a march on my living room. Because never fail, by the end of each day, my living room floor is covered, seriously, in TOYS.

I'm hoping that one day soon, we can re-purpose our library, dining room, or guest room, all of which are rarely used, into a permanent play room for Hadley. Then, I can re-take my living room from the toys. Until then, I'll just relish the delight they bring Hadley and try not to cringe when I realize I haven't seen my rug in weeks. That small act, my friends, is huge for a neat freak. The things we'll do for those smiles.


claire said...

What a precious smile!

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