Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Bloom

We have a large, wooden trellis just outside our kitchen window that I always thought needed something-- something green. Finally, last summer, after living in our house for two years, I planted a blooming vine (I cannot for the life of me remember the name now) under the trellis and willed it to survive the summer. It tried. It bloomed a couple of times but by the end of the summer, it was looking a little puny. I was sure it wouldn't come back this year.

But I was wrong. It surprised me by making a comeback a couple of weeks ago. And despite the uncharacteristically cold weather of the past week, its first bloom opened this morning. The flower is an absolutley gorgeous shade of purple and provides just the pick-me-up I need every time I walk into our kitchen. I might have to plant this little guy outside every window of our house. If I can remember its name.


Lo said...

A Clematis, yes?
Such a lovely flower. Ours are a couple of months from blooming (YAY WI!!) -- but I know what you mean about wanting that beauty everywhere.

Great blog!

Keri said...

Thanks Lo! That's it-- a clematis!!

becoming-mom said...

So lovely.. I can't wait for our Cherry Tree to bloom every year. Then I know spring has arrived!

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