Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ahhhh, that's much better!

I finally re-designed my blog! I never liked that generic blogger template I've had up for, oh, forever, but I just never got around to finding another template that I actually liked. Until today, that is. And, I managed to download it, unzip it, and install it all by myself. If you knew me and my lack of technological ability, you would understand just how enormous that is!!

Do you guys like???? I hope so because as picky as I am, it is unlikely that I'll find anything to replace this template anytime soon. Unless I somehow figure out how to design my own templates and write html. Sean's laughing out loud somewhere RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, I have some fun kiddo stories to share with you-- one of which I'm working on now in a separate post. Things have been a little crazy lately. Sean and I decided we didn't have enough to do, so last weekend, we painted the trim work in the dining room and our brick fireplace in the living room (it looks so much better!).

As if that wasn't enough, I am also working on a freelance project and pet sitting for one of our neighbors this week. Can I just say that the addition of a second dog in our household (even if only for a few hours a day) is like adding three more children and a twister to the mix??? I'm not kidding. This dog is a sweetie, but keeping track of one more living thing is just beyond my mental and physical capabilities right now. I'm constantly counting dogs and people to make sure I have everyone accounted for. This weekend can't come soon enough.

Crazy kiddo stories to come! Stay tuned for shenanigans.


Cassie said...

It looks great, Keri! I can't wait for shenanigans (one of my favorite words, by the way). :)

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