Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyday Lovelies

Last week, Jules of Pancakes and Frenchfries marveled at the everyday beauty in her life, from flip flops on the floor to a pool bag in the kitchen. Her post and pictures made me want to slow down and document some of the lovelies in my own everyday life. Here are a few un-styled pictures of my house in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. I was amazed at how pretty some of the toys and clutter actually looked. Maybe instead of picking up toys, from now on I'll just leave them as nouveau art.

Our kitchen table, arranged and "styled" by Hadley.

Hadley enjoying her new "craft table."

Hadley's toy car, abandoned after chasing our dog, Bella, around the house. In the background, one of Brynn's brightly-colored blankets was left on the foyer bench.

Our garage door, adorned with its new window shade and a pair of my discarded flip flops.

One of Brynn's bibs, drying on the counter after her meal.

And most lovely of all, my little sweeties, sharing some love.


Jules said...

Thank you for the link! Isn't it all so beautiful when you stop and take a look? I was really surprised at how lovely everything was in my home when I stopped fretting over the little things. :)


Cassie said...

This is inspiring. I'm totally going to do this. And that last picture made my heart melt. Seriously. My heart is now a pile of goo. THANKS, KERI. ;)

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