Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Daze

So, Hadley's first day of preschool on Monday was pretty successful. She didn't cry when we left, didn't pitch a single fit or have a single tantrum all day, and didn't cry once until-- wait for it-- nap time. That dreaded thing. I knew Hadley would have an issue with sleeping on a mat on the floor in her play clothes in a strange place with other kids all around her. Every bit of that is so completely different than her normal nap at home that I'm not one bit surprised that she resisted. My kid-- she's like me in that she resists change. That may not be the best personality trait, but she got it honestly.

According to her teachers, when they suggested that Hadley take a nap after lunch, she vehemently told them, "Noooooooo." She wasn't shy about expressing her displeasure when they tried again a few minutes later. Apparently she meant it when she told them she wasn't going to sleep there. Given that Hadley refused to nap, her first day ended a little early. I picked her up a little after noon and once we had settled in at home, I asked Hadley how her day went. She nodded vigorously when I asked her if she wanted to go back to school and then said just as vigorously, "NO NAP!!!!" My kid is, umm, stubborn.

I've decided not to worry too much about the nap thing. I'd really rather Hadley enjoy the social and educational aspects of school than stress about where she will sleep. If need be, I will pick her up before nap time until she adjusts to the idea of sleeping on the floor at school. If that ever happens. I'm not holding my breath.

Other than the napping fiasco, Hadley did great. She played with the other kids, participated in music class by singing and dancing, and talked all day to everyone. Last night before bed, Sean asked Hadley if school was fun and she immediately said, "Yeah!!!" That's all I can ask for.


Mrs. Ca said...

When Gabbie started daycare (she was still really tiny) she refused to sleep in the crib there, so they had to resort to putting her on one of the bean bag chairs they had for naps. To this day if she's having a hard time sleeping, she'll conk right out in the bean bag chair we got for her at home. Those things are magic, I swear. Now she sleeps on the cot just fine. Maybe some transitional place like that would be helpful for Hadley too!

Cassie said...

I'm glad that her first day went well, and that she seemed to enjoy herself! Andrew took to the nap-on-the-cot thing really well, which surprised the crap out of me because Andrew, like your Hadley, is REALLY stubborn. Maybe she'll get used to it. These little ones are constantly surprising us, after all! :)

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