Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pretty Baby

I love this picture. It's so Hadley: her cute, mussed hair, pretty eyes, and quirky smile. And that tongue. She has recently started sticking it out at us all the time. It's her newest thing. This picture also amuses me because it completely belies the fact that a few minutes after I took this picture, I picked Hadley up to snuggle and she managed to both head butt me and pull my hair. Good times. Unfortunately, Hadley tends to be quite the painful, little one to be around. She is amazingly adept at unwittingly causing pain.
I think I have mentioned that we are working on re-sleep training Hadley. We managed to completely un-sleep train her on vacation a couple of weeks ago and are now having to suffer through the process of teaching her to put herself to sleep again. If this doesn't work, I foresee us having to drive to Hadley's dorm room every night when she is in college because she needs me to pat her back until she falls asleep. That might be a little embarassing. For all of us.
So far, sleep training is going okay. We have good nights and bad. Last night was REALLY bad. Hadley woke us up three times from 1:30 to 6:00. By 6:00, I was a zombie and gave in and put her in bed with us so we could try to get a FEW MORE MINUTES of sleep. Usually, if I put Hadley in bed with us in the morning, she goes right back to sleep with her little hands behind her head and her little legs tucked up like a frog.
But this morning, she was wired. She crawled around our heads, stood up on the headboard and danced, and played a game where she sat up and then threw herself backwards onto the pillow. I knew that that game was ill-advised and could end in pain for someone, but I was so sluggish and half in and out of sleep, that I let her do it one more time. That one time, Hadley mis-aimed and slammed her head into my nose. I saw stars, like the ones that cartoon characters see when they get bonked in the head. Then, I may have said a few words I shouldn't have. I am still in pain some three hours later and I am predicting that by tomorrow, I will look like I tussled with Mike Tyson.
What is that saying, "Love is blind?" Yep, I might be blind, bruised, and bandaged by the time Hadley is grown, but I'll love the journey nonetheless.


Cassie said...

She looks so ornery and sweet! I love your last paragraph. So sweet. And I hope your nose isn't TOO bruised!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to your post -- both in terms of the head-butting AND the sleeping. We just returned yesterday from a week-long vacation, and it looks like my son may have gotten used to sleeping in the same room with us, as he did NOT sleep well in his crib last night! I'm hoping he'll get readjusted soon; we've so far resisted "crying it out," but my husband every now and then after a bad night will tell me that we need to let Finn cry. I hope it doesn't become a point of contention.

I hope that your cute, little Hadley sleeps better soon (and you, too). Good luck with the sleep training!

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