Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today officially marks two weeks that we have been pacifier free! We did it!!! I am still shocked at how easy it was to wean Hadley of her pacifier. We simply stopped giving her her pacifier and she never once lost her mind, cried for the pacifier, or otherwise indicated that she couldn't go on without it. In fact, it was as if she completely forgot about the pacifier. I'm sure we got lucky and Hadley was just ready to give up her pacifier anyway. But still, I'm claiming this as a victory.

Next up, the bottle. We're going to start phasing it out at one year, which is in about a month. This one should be interesting-- as in, I expect the world to fall apart and much resistance to ensue. Stay tuned.


Cassie said...

Switching from the bottle to the sippy cup was hard for exactly ONE DAY, until Andrew just realized that if he wanted his milk, it was going to be in a cup. So he sucked it up (literally, ha) and just dealt with it.

We're still not at the point where I can take that pacifier away, though. I am so nervous about it, it's ridiculous. GULP.

finnsgarden said...

Congrats on your victory! It's good to hear success stories. We've had little success with anything these days -- not in getting Finn to go to sleep on his own, not in getting him to take a nap longer than 40 minutes, and certainly not in getting him to sleep through the night. As a matter of fact, even our former victory in getting Finn to take a bottle has been negated since I've been home with Finn and breastfeeding all summer (I teach and go back in a couple of weeks). My husband keeps telling me not to feel discouraged; we do have a happy, healthy guy, after all!

becoming-mom said...

Wow, you are waaaay ahead of the curve, congratulations! I haven't even thought about weaning from paci.. he only uses it at bedtime, but he's quite accustom to it!

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