Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look Mom: No Hands!

Holding on to furniture is highly over-rated.

Especially when you need both hands to hold (and taste) a fun, new toy. Will you look at the booty sticking out? I just wanna smack it.

I can resist, though. What I can't resist?? Kissing those chubby cheeks.


Alyssa mommy said...

What a cutie!!!

Cassie said...

That's awesome! What a sweetie-pie! And yes, the booty is very squeeze-able.

Keri said...

Thanks, Alyssa Mommy!

Cassie, I agree about her little booty. So funny!

becoming-mom said...

Wow, way to go Hadley!! You are about to give jasper a run for his money :) And yes, smack smack on the cute little protruding booty!

Anonymous said...

Cute as a button!

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