Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Hadley: Month 9

Dear Hadley:

A few days ago, you turned nine months old and that night, we attended your Uncle Jack's college graduation party at Maggie and Pop's house. You were the youngest in attendance, but you didn't let that stop you from letting loose. You squealed, laughed, sang, and bounced with the best of them. I was told by one party guest that he could hear you squealing when he was getting out of his car. And you were in the house. And all of the doors and windows to the house were closed. I knew you were loud, but the fact that your squeal can pierce the sound barrier came as a bit of shock.

You definitely found your lungs this last month and love to see just how loud you can be. You squeal with delight at your toys, screech at Bella, and yell at Allie. Sometimes, out of nowhere, you just screech like a little monkey. And, you cause a stir everywhere we go. Daddy and I were at the grocery store about a week ago and you were happily screeching and squealing as we wheeled you up and down the aisles. You had everyone's attention and may have even embarassed Daddy a little bit. A passing man made sure to tell us that you sure have a lot to say. Yes, yes, you do. I'm not sure what you are saying yet, but I'm hoping you develop an indoor voice really soon.

Even if you don't, though, I'm planning on keeping you. Mainly because you give hugs AND kisses now. Daddy got the first kiss a few weeks ago and since then, you have been doling out kisses like crazy. Your kisses are soooo endearing. You open your little mouth and lean in to touch us on the cheeks or lips. It is the sweetest kiss on Earth and one I wish I could have every second of every day.

Speaking of your Daddy, you absolutely and totally adore him. If I am holding you and walk by Daddy, you reach out your arms to him, grab his shirt and pull him to you. And then, if he doesn't get the hint fast enough that you want him, you practically throw yourself into his arms. It's amazing to see you act on what you want-- and get it. I think you have realized that Daddy is gone at work all day because you cling to him in the mornings at breakfast. And, when Daddy gets home at night, you squeal with delight and give him the biggest smile. You just melt his heart.

We have had so much fun with you this last month. You are like a little sponge, just soaking up everything we teach you. I am constantly amazed at how fast you learn. On our way to visit family out of town last weekend, I taught you to to say "AHHHH" while I patted your mouth (to make the "ABBABABABA" sound). This is one of your favorite games. You have quite a few-- most of which you have made up on your own. You are trying to whistle, mimic us when we hit our hands on a table, "chase" us, and jump in your bed. You definitely keep us busy.

You hit a couple more developmental milestones this month, too: you are trying to stand and balance on your own, you are pointing at characters in your books, and of utmost importance, you got your first tooth!! We were so excited about that tooth. It has made us a little more comfortable expanding your solid food repertoire. You are now working on finger foods and have found lots of favorites, like mashed potatoes and bananas. Oh boy.

I'm wondering if you will love food as much as Daddy and I do. Right now, you really seem to. When I was pregnant with you, I craved cheeseburgers 24 hours a day and even ate one a time or two for breakfast (Sonic serves them early). I am not normally a cheeseburger fan, but your Daddy loves cheeseburgers. I can't wait to see if you love them as much as he does. Given how alike you two are already, that would not surprise me in the least.

I love you, Sweet Pea, and can't wait to see what next month brings.



Cassie said...

I love baby letters!

Incidentally, I ALSO love baby kisses, and I too would like to have them every second of every day.

Your little girl is such a beauty!

becoming-mom said...

Aw, happy 9 months Hadley (9 days late!). I got teary reading your description of her little kisses.. I have to work on teaching Jasper that one!

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