Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Temper, Temper

Oh my-- did you know that an eight-month-old could throw a temper tantrum? Me, either. But, apparently, mine can and did. She has done so three times now since yesterday and each time, she got mad at something I did, turned bright red, clenched her tiny fists, and screeched and cried. She didn't cry in a "I'm in pain" way. No, she cried in a "I'm mad as Hell" way. Hadley's little personality is so BIG now. It's hard sometimes for even her to contain.

The tantrums were precipated by mean, mean Mommy taking something away from sweet, little baby. In one instance, it was some smooshy, disentegrated Puffs (little snacks that dissolve in baby's mouth). They were damp and gross and she was having trouble grabbing her sippy cup and toys with the little lumps in her fists. That infuriated her. The other times, I took a bottle and a spoon from her to help her eat. She was furious again. The first time, I wrote it off as a response to exhaustion, but the second and third times, she was in full play mode and wasn't ready for a nap yet. I'm thinking the little bugger just has a temper. I can't even imagine what these little trantrums will look like when she gets old enough to heave her little body on the ground and thrash about in full tantrum mode. I can't wait.


smedway said...

OMG my 7 month old has been doing the same thing. If he loses a toy or his big sister takes something from him, as she does often, he shrieks to high hell. He kicks and pounds his little fists until he gets it back or we distract him with something else. It happens often now because my daughter thinks its funny.

Keri said...

Oh good! At least I'm not the only one with the temperamental little one:-).

becoming-mom said...

you know, this is one of the topics I'm going to post about in Mommy SOS.. Jasper has the worst temper! And he's totally spoiled.. if he doesn't get his way he FREAKS. And by his way I mean if I don't stop doing such torturous things as getting him dressed or changing his diaper. I have created a monster.

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