Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We're sick. All of us. In the middle of May. And, this is Hadley's first illness. Somehow, we managed to make it out of flu and cold season without her getting sick and now, right before summer, she catches a cold. Ugh. I keep saying, though, "at least we made it this long." But still, it has not been fun. We seem to all have the same thing, a cough, sneezing, and general icky, achiness. I promise to resume posting when I can breathe regularly again.

Until then, I'll leave you with this. Sean got a little energy and a little inspiration to try to spruce up our front door. He sawed two giant holes in it. To reiterate, our front door now has holes in it. It is neither pretty nor functional. I have been shopping all night online for a new front door. And a new husband. I'll explain more when I'm feeling more coherent. Really, Sean isn't completely to blame. In my feverish state, I might have encouraged him to saw holes in our door. Maybe.


Cassie said...

Oh no, I hope you all feel better soon! My son was around the same age your daughter is when he got sick for the first time, and it was HORRIBLE. I know he was miserable, but he was still hard to deal with since I was sick too. So I sympathize!

I can't wait to hear more about this "front door" fiasco...

Claire said...

Hi Keri! Thanks for visiting my blog today =)
I hope good health arrives at your door today and may she settle in forever. Take care!

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