Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday....In the Park

Every time I hear that song, I get nostalgic for something... I'm not sure what exactly. A relaxing Saturday? A day spent laughing in the park with friends? We definitely don't have enough of either. Our Saturdays are normally pretty busy and we rarely have time to relax at the park. But, today, we managed to do exactly that. We spent the day with friends at the local botanic gardens, perusing an exhibit of locally-made pottery and strolling through the flower gardens. We had the best time. The pottery was amazing and the flowers were beautiful. We found a HUGE Magnolia tree with the most amazing blooms.

Some of the plants got a little unruly with us, though.

Robert had to fight his way out of this creepy tree/ plant thing.

It was a hot, hot day, so we tried to stay in the shade. To make sure Hadley was protected from the sun, I slathered her in spf 60 and put a hat on her to shade her from the sun.

She didn't so much like the hat. In fact, she ripped it off before we even got outside-- several times. I put the hat on, Hadley pulled the hat off. Sean said he couldn't decide which one of us is more stubborn. I think I am.

Robert and his wife, Ana, have a 3.5-month-old named Samantha. Ana had a cute, yellow hat for Samantha to wear, which Samantha actually wore. Samantha isn't quite to that stage where she can reach up and rip her hat off yet, though. I kinda miss those days.

Hadley didn't really like her sunglasses, either. She took them off as soon as I put them on.

Hadley did like the ducks and geese we found in the Japanese Gardens, though. There were a lot of little ducklings and downy gosslings for her to look at.

She couldn't get enough of the cute, little ducklings.

We bought fish food on our way in to feed the koi in the Japanese Gardens. Look at these things. Are they not kind of creepy?

There were tons of them and they piled on top of each other to get to the food.

Our day was so incredibly relaxing and fun. I can't wait for our next carefree Saturday in the park. Try it if you have time soon-- you won't regret it!


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