Monday, June 21, 2010

Five Things

Five things I never want to forget:

1) How hard Sean works for our family. He spent most of his Father's Day weekend in a tiny hole in our hot attic prepping it for insulation. We currently have very little insulation on our second floor and that area gets as hot as Hades in the afternoons. Sean had to contort himself into a pretzel and squeeze into a teeny, tiny little space to get the prep work done. He is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish things that make our lives better.

2) How Brynn sucks on two fingers on her left hand right now. It's immensely adorable, but we are nevertheless trying to curb this before she resorts to thumb sucking. I spend most of the day replacing her fingers with her paci. So far, she's not falling for it.

3) How Hadley now calls for "Momma" and "Da-tty" when she wants us. She ran down the hall yesterday afternoon calling "Da-tty," "Da-tty" for Sean. It was heartmelting.

4) How lucky we are to have my family so close. My parents and brother live right around the corner from us and my sister and her family live about 15 minutes away. We also have loads of cousins, aunts, and uncles nearby. Our family spends so much time together on holidays, birthdays, and just for dinners, picnics, and parties. I love that my kids will grow up with lots of family nearby.

5) How sweet my girls are to each other. It is so much fun to watch Hadley with Brynn. She gives her Minnie all of her kisses right now and loves to pat Brynn's back or hand and give her big hugs. And Brynn is fascinated by Hadley, too. Brynn watches Hadley constantly and smiles in her direction. I just love these kids


Betty said...

I had issues with my son sucking his thumb all the time, but he cried so hard when I pull his thumb out of his mouth. All he loves to do is suck his thumb. We've put all these things on his chemicals and home remedies...but no success.

I then just thought I would give up; I figured he isn't hurting anyone and that was his security blanked. Then I asked his doctor about it and he told me all the bad things that can happen as far as his teeth are concerned & its stops your chin development!

He told me to look at adults with no chin form and that most likely means they sucked the them...

So I searched online and found these pair of gloves...he loved wearing them & after a couple of months he has stopped sucking his thumb!

Here is the site in case anyone else is looking - This really helped stop thumb sucking

Cassie said...

I love this post, Keri. Sometimes it's so nice to remind ourselves how good we have it!

Oh, and just as an aside: my stepsister sucked her thumb for YEARS -- literally, until she was in high school -- and she has perfect teeth and a nice chin! :)

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