Thursday, July 15, 2010

The lunatic is in my head**

I am just having one of those weeks. You know-- the kind where nothing goes right. And I mean absolutely nothing. I have woken up feeling like I have cotton in my temples every morning. Worst of all, I had a headache that was so bad yesterday that I ended up sleeping for two hours after Sean got home from work. I almost missed dinner and that, I tell you, never happens.

I set up a phone interview for a potential job on Tuesday and didn't realize that the interviewer was in a different time zone than me. So, the painstaking planning I did to ensure that the kids would be napping during the interview came to a grinding halt when the interviewer called me an hour before I thought we were scheduled to talk. Surprise! Time for an interview and both kids are not only awake but also screeching like little chimpanzees. I'm sure I got that job.

I've forgotten things left and right, like extra diapers for the trip we took to have lunch with Daddy, and Hadley's swim diapers for the trip to the sprinkler park. Today, we went to the botanic gardens to play in the little wading creek and "rain storm" area, and I completely forgot towels and extra clothes. Poor Hadley had to ride home in her diapie because she was way too wet to ride home in her clothes. I'm sure she loved that. Actually, I take that back. She did love it. She sang the whole way home while she gobbled up Craisins. She's easy to please.

That reminds me-- I was going to give you guys the oh-so-difficult (ha!) popsicle recipe I use for making Hadley little sweet afternoon treats. I knew that we would want to give Hadley cold treats this summer, and when I saw a little popsicle-making kit in the dollar section at Target, I jumped on it. Now, I can make her 8 little popsicles at a time, and she loves them. To make, I just fill each little cup 3/4 full with water and 1/4 of orange juice. Easy, healthy, and free of tons of added sugar and dyes. Since Hadley has never had a real popsicle, she thinks these are the best treats ever. And, while she is eating one, I can buy myself a few minutes to get laundry started or to chop veggies for dinner. Win-win, my friends.

** Extra credit if you can name the song I stole this title from.


Cassie said...

Ooo! Ooo! It's Pink Floyd! Man, what song is it....I know it's from Dark Side of the Moon though. Do I still get extra credit?

I hate THOSE weeks, and boy have I had them. OFTEN. But tomorrow's Friday! So at least there's that. :)

Keri said...

Correct as usual, Cassie:-)! You rule-- and you're right, it's Dark Side of the Moon/ Brain Damage. We were jamming to Pink Floyd on the way to the gardens and I got that lyric stuck in my head:-).

Cara said...

Ok, I totally didn't know which song the title was from. I've had a headache all week much as I'd like to blame it on allergies, I think I'm really just in denial about having yet another sinus infection. It's been one of those weeks here too...I've forgotten to call people back (after I said I would), forgot to pay several bills, forgot a change of clothes for Finn, etc. Bring on the weekend!

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