Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Any Day Now!

Okay, so it's been a little while since I posted... I know. I keep meaning to and then these things keep getting in the way-- life, toddler, life, pregnancy, etc. All good things, mind you, but all things that nonetheless are occupying my every waking moment lately.

I did want to stop in to quickly update on the baby baking, though, since we are in the home stretch now. I am currently full term, 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant, or as my husband and everyone I know keeps saying, I'm "huge." And, I am. Admittedly, I am as big as a house right now and am finding it difficult, if not impossible, to do the simplest things, like tying my own shoelaces, bending over to pick up toys and other miscellany that hits the floor, and most fun, getting out of bed. I love feeling like a beached whale once I have laid down in bed. And for the life of me, I can't remember what it felt like to actually be able to lie down and sit right back up without floundering about for a hand hold.

This past weekend was gorgeous so Sean and I took Hadley to our local zoo for some outdoor, family time on Saturday afternoon. She had a blast, as usual, I walked way more than I probably should have, and we all came home happy that we had spent a beautiful afternoon enjoying the weather and sights. Oh, and everyone at the zoo had fun staring at my giant belly. I got so many strange looks that all essentially read, "What the hell is she doing walking around the zoo????" Yeah, it was pleasant.

And then on Sunday, I started having contractions. Lots of them-- and they were actually painful contractions that came every few minutes. I figured that I was just tired from my jaunt around the zoo the day before and spent most of the day resting. But, the buggers just wouldn't stop. Finally, around 6:00, I called our on-call nurse and she said I should head to L & D to have my progress checked. Even though I am more than prepared to the nth degree for this baby, it was stressful getting all of the last-minute stuff packed, getting Hadley to my parents with instructions for dinner and bedtime, and getting us to the hospital. And then, after all of that, we were home again by 9:30.

Even though I had dilated more since my last doctor's appointment, I wasn't dilating enough at the hospital for the hospital to keep me. Fun! For now, I'm still having contractions, but they aren't regular enough for me to head back to L & D. Oh, and I had my 39-week appointment today and I am now dilated to 3.5 cm.

3.5 cm!!! That's 1/3 of the way there! My doctor is pretty sure I will deliver any day now, and I am so ready. We have lots of meals frozen for the weeks after the baby gets here, I have nested, folded, dusted, cleaned, and organized every inch of this house, and Sean has scheduled time off from work. Now we just need this little one to make her appearance. I'll update when she gets here!


Cassie said...

Keri, congrats on your new baby!! I hope you get the chance to update soon because I really want to hear her name and see her sweet face, but I know how hard it is to find time to do ANYTHING when you have two little ones!

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