Friday, August 21, 2009

Guest Blog: Holy Makeover, Batman!

I was going to wait till next week for this one, but it was simply too good to hold back. Eric Teng from took a weekend to be fabulous and makeover some drab IKEA dressers. I have to be honest, I have seen these night-stands at IKEA many times and have never looked twice at them, but Eric has transformed them into pieces of art. Stain, paint, beautiful pulls, and elbow grease are all it took. OH YEA, and the foresight to see the nude dresser and dream up something spectacular! Check out the before and after.

I think I'll be going to IKEA sometime soon!


cashman said...

Very cool. I like that look and have been wanting to make a (under the) tv cabinet like that for our living room for a while now. Keri still says no. For my cabinet however, I would put two white sliding doors but I think I would try using pegboard. Also I would mount it to the wall so it would be floating under the TV.

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