Friday, August 21, 2009

First Guest Blog! Swoop Desk review

Hello all! I'm Jen, Keri's sister-in-law. I'll be doing a weekly guest blog about anything and everything design related! I have been anticipating reviewing this desk for a while because of how pleased I have been since I bought it! It is the Swoop Desk from CB2 and is one of the best desks for the price.
For $299.00 the Swoop Desk from CB2 has been sittin pretty in my room for the past six months, and it is about time I share the gospel of this amazing deal! Sleek, modern design is the tip of the iceberg, this is a very functional, very consumer friendly desk. Easy to set up when it arrives in the mail, unless of course you do what I did and put the little white shelf wall in backward and have to take it all apart again to get it right the second time!! But I digress, once it is set up, you'll find that it is the perfect size for its purpose. I can comfortably fit my laptop, notebooks, drink, pens, etc on the main part of the desk for easy access to all, and the drawers are very useful for storage of office supplies. I have read some reviews saying that others have found this desk to be too top heavy but I have not found that to be true at all. The legs are very sturdy and I have never once felt that I had to be easy with it so it wouldn't wobble or whatnot. Ok, back to the best part, the price. There are many other desks on the market that cost more than the Swoop Desk for the same quality, and that just doesn't seem very enticing.

The Nelson Swag Leg desk will cost you a pretty penny for the George Nelson name, not that the George Nelson name sitting in your office is anything to sneeze at, but running a cool $1745.00 at, for me and mine, this is just simply not an option at this point in life! But as you can see they are very similar in design and stay tuned into the guest blogs because soon I will be showing you a very easy tweak to the Swoop Desk to make it look a little bit more like the classic Nelson Swag Leg.


Keri said...

Yea-- Jenny's first post! Welcome Jenn and love the Swoop desk! I've been drooling over it for forever!!

Anonymous said...

Keri, or Jen?? Jen was going to write a subsequent post of how she tweaked the swoop desk to make it a little more like the Nelson Swag?? Is that still to come?? I'm really looking forward to that post. Thanks!

Keri said...

Hi Anon! I'll check with Jen to see when she plans to post her follow-up. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

David said...

Any follow up from Jen about the tweak to the Swoop to make it look more like the Nelson Swag??? THANKS!!!

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