Friday, March 27, 2009


So, this is my blog. One that I have dreamed about starting for over a year now. This will be my journal on parenting, love, life, and all the messiness that goes with it. This will be my outlet for creative endeavors like writing and photography (or my attempts at photography) and for expressing my interests in such things as modern design, cooking and food, and fashion. I hope to share my thoughts, ramblings, and feelings on these topics and others. Just don't expect me to be consistent or to stick to one topic. That just isn't me.

My name is Keri. I'm a reluctant housewife, mother to a beautiful six-month-old daughter, and wife to a computer geek engineer who stole my heart many years ago. In a prior life, I was an ambitious, workaholic attorney who ate, drank, and slept the work life. I reveled in besting seasoned attorneys at the game and enjoyed the competition of litigation. But, when my daughter was born, I couldn't give up raising her to return to that job. Fifty (or more often sixty) hour work weeks and baby just don't mix and now, I am on the hunt for a new lifestyle. A new occupation is out there waiting for me. I just have to find it. You know, in all that free time I have between cleaning bottles, feeding times, dirty diapers, and rice cereal messes. Come along for the ride. It's bound to be bumpy and entertaining!


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