Monday, March 30, 2009


This job may be getting to me. Hour upon hour alone with a two-foot tall, 17-pound wonder whose language consists of squeals, grunts, and coos may be making me a little attention starved. Maybe. During a little break this morning while the wee one was napping, I decided to check my Facebook page. I was surprised and excited to see my hubby on Facebook. Surprised because he never checks Facebook from work. I should have known then that something was a little off.

But, being the attention-starved, lonely, desperate housewife that I am, I thought nothing of this anomaly and began manically sending notes to him on Facebook's chat screen. After a few minutes and no response from him, I started to get a little impatient. I sent some more notes and waited a little longer. Then, I got mad. My next two notes were, "What, are you too good to talk to me?" and "Are you ignoring me?" I think I have issues.

After a few more minutes, I glanced down at the toolbar on the computer screen. Why were there two Facebook accounts open? I didn't get it. I flipped back and forth between them for a few minutes... then it hit me. My hubby had left his account open on the computer when he left for work. He wasn't on Facebook. Only I was. So, not only was a I chatting with myself, but I was also having a fight with myself! That's what this job will do to you. Starve you so much for adult interaction that you start fighting with yourself.

But, I couldn't be more happy. I love this job. This makes it all worthwhile:


Jennifer Cash said...

ha! thats pretty funny!

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